• ProHeat X30 Exhaust Kit

Proheat X30 utilizes advanced technology to reliably and efficiently provide consistent heat in challenging marine environments. X30's programmable controller manages the heater intelligently to ensure all heat zones are well maintained while achieving low fuel consumption, and clean combustion.

X30 is compact, measuring at less than one cubic foot in size, with flexible mounting options to fit your specific installation requirements. Combining new innovative technologies and over 25 years of experience, the Proheat X30 is truly the next generation smart heater.


X30's unique oxygen sensing technology allows the heater to consistently maintain its fuel to air ratio for optimum combustion. This allows the heater to always burn clean with no visible smoke and, as a result, provides a longer maintenance cycle.


X30 automatically varies its heat output between 15,000 and 31,000 BTU/hr. to:

Manage the coolant temperature to ensure consistent heat is delivered throughout all heating zones

Adjust to changing heat demand

Save fuel


X30 supports multiple zone temperature controls:

Up to 4 individual temperature zones

Occupants can turn the X30 On/Off from each zone by a simple press on the Proheat thermostat


X30 offers flexible connectivity that includes:

CAN bus support for CAN device communication

Up to 6 available analog inputs and outputs for device monitoring and control


Rating: 15,000 to 31,000 BTU/hr.

Weight: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)

Dimensions: L: 12.3" X W: 10.2" X H: 9.9"

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ProHeat X30 Exhaust Kit

  • Brand: Proheat
  • Product Code: MK3010
  • Online Price: $1090.52

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