Penetrating Sealing Epoxies

Steveston Marine & Hardware has Penetrating and Sealing Epoxies from Boatlife and System Three! These products are a perfect and long-lasting sealing solution for you! Shop in one of our stores located in Vancouver, Richmond, or Langley

Boatlife Git Rot Kit-Quart

Boatlife Git Rot Kit-Quart

The perfect cure for dry rot and restores the strength of wood. Pours into finest openings, penetrat..

$145.59 $167.89

System Three S-1 Epoxy Sealer (1 Quart Kit)

System Three S-1 Epoxy Sealer (1 Quart Kit)

S-1 is a two-part Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. Mixed at a simple 1:1 ratio S-1 is extremely eff..

$74.79 $84.99

Silver Tip Laminating  Tips

Silver Tip Laminating Tips

Replacement Laminating Tips..


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