• Kuuma 11G 120V Front Exchanger Ss
Patented temperature control keeps potable water at approx. 140 degrees by controlling coolant flow through the 7/8" heat exchanger, reducing the risk of scalding. Aluminum tank and aluminum alloy case eliminates dissimilar metals. UL/CE certified iginition protected. 1500W element. Hot/cold connections are 1/2" NPT. Not for use with raw water, use with engine coolant only.

Size : 16" W x 16" H x 22" D
Capacity : 11 Gal.

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Kuuma 11G 120V Front Exchanger Ss

  • Brand: Kuuma
  • Product Code: 11841
  • $703.49
  • $549.99

Tags: 120V Electric Water Heaters With Heat Exchanger