• Cruiser Imperial Light - Medium (Red/White)

Cruiser Imperial Light - Medium (Red/White)

Overall Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.5"

This low profile surface mounted light panel is built to modernize any boat or RV. The LED are mounted on a pcb board which is then trimmed with a thin metallic chrome finish encased in a thin layer of clear acrylic. The entire assembly is then hidden by frosted acrylic lens and a highly polished chrome touch switch.
9 Volt - 17 Volt

Primary Light  50 Warm White L.E.D.s:

Low - 1.5 Watt - 80 Lumens

Medium - 2.5 Watt - 150 Lumens

High - 4.5 Watt - 300 Lumens

Secondary Light: Red L.E.D.s (0.25Watt total)

Operating Instructions:

After installation:

Tap the power button to toggle between the off position, accent light, and various light modes.

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Cruiser Imperial Light - Medium (Red/White)

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