• Flexfold Crab Trap


Flexfold collapsible traps are available in 3 designs, Prawn, Crab and the new Combination Crab and Prawn trap. Each trap is individually handcrafted to ensure that the highest standards are met. Traps are made of 304 stainless steel.

It is ruggedly built so that it can withstand the rigors of deep ocean sets. Use a 3lb galvanized grapnel anchor on a 6′ tether attached to the bottom of the frames so that the traps will not move in currents. Use a heavier anchor or lead in swifter currents or offshore.

For easy access, the gates are heavy and swing easily.

These traps use black knotted polyester mesh for the netting. Commercial traps use stainless steel wire for the mesh because they endure years of constant abuse. The polyester mesh will certainly stand up to anything a sport fishing enthusiast will throw at it in several seasons and allows for the trap to collapse into its compact size. Replacement netting will be available.


All Stainless Steel (304) construction

Superior round design

Three entrances for super fast fishing

Heavy gates

Deep set/fast current capable

Assembles larger than non-collapsing traps

Collapses smaller than all other traps

Durable carry bag included

Bridle with SS fittings included

Laminated instruction sheet (a must read)

Cinch strap for ease of collapsing

Heavy durable polyester netting

Meets BC/WA/OR/CA fishing regulations

One year warranty


Assembled width – 32″ / height – 13″

Collapsed width – 17″ / height – 2″

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Flexfold Crab Trap

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